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Posted on May 25th 2016

Lost 8 kilos of fat and gained 5 kilos of muscles!

by Massari the singer

“I've always loved food, so it's always been a challenge for me to find a diet that kept me motivated;

but now i get to eat whatever i want and still stay fit and healthy. Thank you Diet Delights for helping me drop 8 kgs of fat while gaining 5 kgs of muscles!!" 


Posted on Jan 18th 2016

lost 10Kg in 1.5 months

by Nagi Daccache

“At Diet Delights I finally found the support that i was looking for. Starting with the Dietician role that is providing me appropriate guidance,education,support along with encouragement and very serious follow up.I always notice all the detailed notes that she takes during my regular meetings in order to obtain a thorough understanding of my body,metabolism and reasons why i got overweight.Thank you Lea for being a such good listener and guide. The variety of plans:You can cook at home ,enroll with a daily plan ,or 'A la carte' which i am using. With many branches it is very convenient since i can order from my office and from home.The variety of recipies,mixture of very healthy ingredients and the unlimited choice from deserts to main course is providing me the good reasons to remain enrolled over the long term without being bored . Due to the great taste , presentation variety and healthy ingredients and food combination all my family is ordering now from Diet Delights ,instead of all this Junk food that are offered in the market. I was heading to a Sleeve operation ,well know i have changed my mind. Very special thanks to my dietician Miss Lea Nakhoul, to Penny and her kindness and to Chadi and his big smile when he delivers my order .I can read in his eyes: Well man you really lost lots of weight. 'Chapeau bas' for the kitchen staff. All my respect to Diet Delights Management who implemented such successful buisness ,Keep on the high standards . Finally to all those who want to loose weight remember that you need 2 to dance the Tango" 


posted on August 23rd 2014

Lost 15 kilos in 9 months

by Johnny A. -Mansourieh

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Diet Delights has been highly impressive. Every aspect of your service has been beyond reproach and every member of staff has been courteous, polite and reliable. I have achieved my target weight in a very motivating atmosphere thanks to your qualified dietitians.

posted on August 23rd 2014

Lost 7 kilos in 2 months

by Alex B. -Jdeideh

You've been a great help. Your food is delicious. I'm so glad I know you.

posted on August 23rd 2014

Lost 8 kilos in 2 months

by Chantal B. -Achrafieh

I have been eating from Diet delight since 5 years ... I am highly satisfied by the food taste and quality...

posted on August 23rd 2014

Lost 5 kilos in 1 month

by Ramzy D. -Adma

Great food, very healthy!

posted on August 23rd 2014

lost 15 kilos in 5 months

by Suzanne E. -Biaqout

I really love Diet delight.......amazing!!!

posted on August 29th 2014

Lost 20 kilos in 10 months

by Marianne D. –Zouk Mikhael

I am always able to find great, healthy delicious items. When you are a working mother and you care about your children’s nutrition, it’s hard to find time to shop for food and cook. Diet Delights has solved that problem. They have like the most healthy and delicious homemade dishes.

posted on August 29th 2014

Lost 15 kilos in 8 months

by Jessy S.– Bsalim

The Diet Delights team always does a great job of tailoring our menu and meals to our needs. The diet plan is easy to understand & the result was compiled in ways which helped me lose the extra kilos I had. Diet Delights has become a reliable reference for me when it comes to being healthy!

posted on September 19th 2014

Lost 43 kilos in 11 months 

by Ayman M. – Adma

حلم أضحى حقيقة. لم أكن أحلم أنني سأستطيع تنزيل وزني من ١٣٥ كغ إلى ٩٢ كغ خلال فترة ١١ شهر.

أشكر الاختصاصية بالتغذية التي أشرفت عليّ الأنسة ليا و أشكر كل أسرة دايت دلايت. و سوف أتابع حتى أصل إلى وزن ال ٨٠كغ. شكرا مرة أخرى لجعل حياني أفضل بكثير.

أيمن مصلح


posted on September 29th 2014

J’adore Diet Delights

by Christine K.- Rabieh

Les plats et les desserts sont super bons. Leur diétécticienne est superbe, elle m’a aidé à maintenir un poids sain durant toute ma grossesse. Bon courage !

posted on October 6th 2014

Gained 3 kilos of muscles

by Karim H.- Dekwaneh

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, Diet Delights is the right place. I train 3 hours daily, I participate in competitions. My aim is to be healthy and fit for optimal results. Dietitians at Diet Delights help me maintain my weight through delicious freshly made meals.

posted on October 29th 2014

Lost 2 kilos in 10 months

by A.H. -Hazmieh

Chez Diet Delights, tu peux manger tes plats et desserts preférés tout en perdant du poids. C'est un mode de vie sain à suivre toujours!

posted on October 29th 2014

Lost 7 kilos in 1 months

by C.W. -Naccache

Très bonne cuisine à Diet Delights! Je n'ai jamais pensé pouvoir perdre 7 kg en 1 mois! Merci beaucoup Diet Delights.

posted on November 5th 2014

Lost 5 kilos in 1 month

by Jamil S. -Ashrafieh

The below formula explains it all:

Diet Delights “Diet Boxes’ system” + My Personal solid will to abide by the proposed diet = Weight loss of 5 Kgs in one month (6% of initial weight)

The diet was extremely easy to follow. Quantities were sufficient not to feel hungry. Taste was far from being compared to hospital food. The packaging was very suitable. The dietician was excellent, well experienced, allocates a lot of time to explain the process with details.

I hope not to have a future need for a Diet, but if I do, I will definitely not consider any other Diet center.

posted on December 13th 2014

Lost 3.5 kilos in 2 weeks

by S.D. -Achrafieh

Dieting is not a punishment at Diet Delights! It is the best way to change your bad habits to healthy ones.

posted on December 13th 2014

Lost 4 kilos in 1 month

by N.B. - Horsh tabet

I’m losing weight while enjoying every meal and dessert! Thank you Diet Delights

posted on December 15th 2014

Lost 14 kilos in 11 months

by Micheline B. - Monnot

Over a period of 11 months of dieting and continuous follow-up with my dietician, I was able to lose 14 Kg and kept it off till now :)

I am very satisfied of the result especially that it helped me gain back my confidence and self esteem. I am now a regular customer at Diet Delights Monot branch. I enjoy my lunch meal on daily basis.

posted on December 20th 2014

Lost 6 kilos in 2 months and 2 weeks

by D.A. - Adonis

J’ai maigri 6 Kg en 2 mois ½. Pour mon age c’est tresbien (je suis en ménopause) et surtout que je trichais. Je suis satisfaite du régime, tout est proportionné, la nourriture est tre sequilibrée, j’ai pas eu de sensation de faim. 

Posted on December 27th 2014

Lost 6 kilos in 2 months

by Walid F. - Bsalim

I’ve lost 6Kg in 2 months while taking boxes from Diet Delights. I could have achieved quicker results but I was cheating and I had many socials events. I am satisfied with the diet because now I know that diet doesn’t interfere with my social life: I still can eat out from time to time and still lose weight.


Posted on January 5th 2015

Lost 8 kilos in 2 months

by T.B. - Dbayeh

“I m having a wonderful experience with Diet Delights. I absolutely love it. It's overwhelming to think about how many calories I'm consuming and the knowledge and guidance I gained from my excellent Dietitian who made it easy for me to understand my diet. If you are looking for a healthy life don’t think twice just contact Diet Delights " 


Posted on July 23rd 2015

Lost 28 kilos in 3 months

by Raja Bou Hadir 

“Three life changing months. I have entered a competition with Sawt El Mada called “Khsar Bterba7”. Whoever loses the most weight wins.

5 participants got free daily meal boxes from Diet Delights for 3 months along with 3 months free membership with Fitness Zone. Following the Diet Delights consultants and experts’ advices and professional follow-up I have lost 28 kilos in 3 months. Thanks to this experience I regained a more fit body and hopefully it won’t stop there." 


Posted on May 25th 2016

thank you Diet Delights

by Hanan Kasem

"كل عام و انتم بخير و شكرا لعملكم الرائع و للتواصل بالنكهة و الجولة و الخدمة

شكرا لكل من يعمل بشركة Diet Delights" 


posted on April 29th 2015

Lost 16.5 Kg in 7 months 

by Stephanie Fala- Achrafieh

Après deux regimes sans succès sur le long therme, j'ai enfin réussit à perdre du poids et continue sur ma lancée sans frustrations. Je suis tres satisfaite du résultat et ma diététicienne est toujours présente pour réadapter mon regime suivant mes envies et mon rythme de vie. 


posted on March 24th 2015

Lost 6.5 Kg in two weeks with Royal Clean and Lean Diet

by CG- Zalka

J’ai essayé le régime Royal Clean and Lean et j’ai trouvé que c’est très efficace pour perdre du poids rapidement. J’ai été impressionné quand j’ai vu le résultat surtout que je suis à un âge avancé.

Ce régime est vraiment très efficace!


posted on March 18th 2015

Lost 4.5 Kg in only one week with Royal Clean and Lean Diet

by Joe Abi Nader - Sarba

The Royal diet experience was very successful during this week. First I was afraid of trying it because I thought it’s like the other Detox diets but it appeared to be totally different with even better results.

Must be tried!


posted on March 16th 2015

Lost 3.5 Kg in 3 weeks

by E.C - Dbayeh

Enjoy healthy foods with a good taste and less body fat. Thank you Diet Delights!



posted on February 26th 2015

Lost 4 kilos in 1 month

by Z.C - Mansourieh

My experience with Diet Delights is beyond healthy! Losing weight was never that easy especially when you can still enjoy your favorite deserts. Thank you Diet Delights… 


posted on August 23rd 2014

Lost 19 kilos in 6 months

by Toni H. -Hazmieh

I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service I have received from your center. I had lost the extra weight without feeling punished. I enjoyed the really good tasting food. Thanks very much for this excellent, high quality food service.

posted on August 23rd 2014

Lost 13 kilos in 9 months

by Kamil A. -Rabieh

I would actually like to take the time to thank you. I was very pleasantly surprised with the level of detail you give for your food preparation. 

posted on August 23rd 2014

Lost 14 kilos in 10 months

by Samira S. –Sahel Alma

Your food is very delicious yet healthy and light. And your dietitian has very good communicative skills and a large nutritional background. Thank you for your help. 

posted on August 23rd 2014

23.7Kg pendant 1 an

By Maria S. -Beit Chabeb

En tant que consommatrice chez Diet Delights depuis 1 an déjà, je suis plus que satisfaite. En suivant leur programme, j'ai pu manger de tout avec appétit tout en perdant du poids. C'est simple, rapide et efficace. Ils nous apprennent tout simplement de nouvelles habitudes à adopter... À vie!  – 23.7Kg pendant 1 an.

posted on August 29th 2014

Lost 13 Kilos in 7 months 

By Raymond K. -Beirut

This was the first time ordering from Diet Delights. The order process was simple and easy and the choices I ordered arrived as scheduled. The quality of food met and exceeded my expectations. I will definitely order again from Diet Delights and will be recommending your services to friends and relatives.

posted on August 29th 2014

Lost 7 kilos in 3 months

by Jinane B. –Saifi

I was able to enjoy food while losing weight. Your dietitian is now helping me maintain my weight. Thank you very much. I recommend everyone to try Diet Delights, you won’t get disappointed.

posted on August 29th 2014

Lost 8 kilos in 3 months

by J.S. -Sarba

I lost 8 kg with Diet Delights programs in 3 months. I could have lost more but I was cheating sometimes. Even when I stopped the diet I was ordering my meals from this center because the food is very tasty.

posted on September 29th 2014

Lost 25.4 kilos in 3months

by Sami A.-Zalka

Thank you Diet Delights! You have helped me lose weight without feeling punished. I really enjoy my meals. It is always fresh and tasty. The desserts are simply perfect.

posted on October 27th 2014

Lost 9 Kilos in 2 months

by Diana H.- Rabieh

Le régime alimentaire  chez Diet Delights n'est pas une punition. J'arrive à manger du tout sans gagner du poids. Je reçois des desserts super délicieux, des pizzsas et des burgers super light. Merci beaucoup Diet Delights.

posted on November 5th 2014

Lost 8.5 kilos in 2 months

by Sonia N. -Sin El Fil

I’ve accumulated weight after my pregnancy and the crazy night life rhythm in Lebanon does not help you lose it either… Then I heard several colleagues talk about Diet Delights and follow their program and the result was amazing. I decided to try it and sure enough, I started shedding the pounds…. I’m in my second month now, and I’ve lost 8,5kgs! Truth be told that receiving food in boxes was not very appealing, but to my surprise the food is quite good and tasty. You get to choose from a variety of dishes, soups and salads with tasty dressings… But above all, what helped reduce the cravings was that you still get to eat desserts! So all in all, yes I do recommend Diet Delights!


posted on December 11th 2014

Lost 4 kilos in 1 month

by S.A.R. -Jisr el Bacha

I started my diet 1 month ago and lost 4 Kg. The result couldn’t be better! I’m so happy that I lost weight while eating my favorite foods and desserts! Thank you Diet Delights. 


posted on December 13th 2014

Lost 25 kilos in 4 months

by S.A.K. - Zalka

With Diet Delights, I started losing weight immediately, which motivated me to continue. It’s a center where you get everything you need to become healthy and beautiful. 

posted on December 15th 2014

Lost 13 kilos in 2 months & 2 weeks

by M.D. - Sahel Alma

I’m a 16 years old girl I have lost till now 13Kg with Diet Delights. Encouraging all to come to this diet place!

posted on December 20th 2014

Lost 2 kilos in 1 month

by P.S. - Zouk

Bien que j’ai seulement 13 ans j’ai pu perdre en prenant des repas de Diet Delights 1kg chaque 2 semaines ce qui est ideale pour mon age tout en apprenant comment manger d’une facon saine et équilibrée.

posted on December 22nd 2014

Lost 4 kilos in 1 month

by Maya L. - Mtayleb

I was able to lose 4kg per month, the majority of the weight lost being from fat. At the beginning I was not sure that I can stick to the diet because I thought I was going to be deprived from the food I like but then I learned that I can eat from everything but in smaller portions.

Posted on December 27th 2014

Lost 7 kilos in 1 month

by Said A. - Jdeideh

I was able to lose 7kg in one month with Diet Delights boxes. I think this is the best and easier way to lose weight especially nowadays with the fast lifestyle. There is no time to prepare healthy meals at home and put suitable portions. 


Posted on January 5th 2015

Lost 25 kilos in 9 months

by Ramzi B. - Jnah

Losing 25 Kg at Diet Delights saved my life literally!I followed the boxes system for 9 months and all my blood values dropped to safe levels. My doctor told me that losing weight helped me decrease my risk of having cardiac problems. Thank You Diet Delights!


Posted on January 12th 2015

Lost 3 kilos in 1 month

by R.R. - Nahr Ibrahim

I am 57 years old and I have cholesterol. I tried to take the food boxes from Diet Delights and I was able to lose 3kg in 1 month which is very good for my age. It was surprising that all the weight loss was from fat especially that I don’t exercise.


Posted on February 3rd 2015

Lost 5 kilos in 1 month

by C.K - Dbayeh

“Never thought I could lose 5 Kg in 1 month while enjoying my favorite foods and deserts! Diet Delights is definitely the best solution for a healthy lifestyle!”


posted on February 18th 2015

Lost 4,5 kilos in 1 month

by R.F- Jal el Dib

J’ai déjà perdu 4.5Kg en moins d’un mois grâce au programme Diet Delights. Je suis très satisfaite du résultat que j’ai obtenue et aussi de l'entière disponibilité de l'équipe nutritionnelle.  Le régime est très simple à suivre et pratique puisque je ne me casse plus la tête à réflechir quel plat vais-je mangée ou même cuisiner. 


posted on February 25th 2015

Lost 6,5 kilos in 35 days

by Dr. Afif Chidiac - Jounieh

Acceuil chalerueux, diététicienne compétente, résultat satisfaisant et qualité parfaite.

Client habituel!