Our Clinic


Diet Delights has a high tech clinic with a resident nutritionist and dietitian that offer certified consultation tour clients who wish to pursue an explicit healthy standard of living. With our dietitian, you receive a complete nutritional assessment, including measurement of your body fat, muscle, and water, through use of a segmental body composition analyzer. After your assessment, your personal healthy meal plan is developed to meet all goals and needs. You meet with our dietitian on a regular basis. At each follow up, you are assessed in order to monitor your improvement. Your comments and feedback are also discussed.

A group of Professional and Competent dietitians is supervised by our Head dietitian Mrs. Magdalena Roumy Yammine.
Our Dietitians:

Mrs. Magdalena Roumy Yammine, LD, MBA, NLP Coach, Head Clinical Dietitian
Miss. Lea Makhoul, BS in Nutrition & Dietetics, MSC in Food Technology (Zalka, Achrafieh, Sarba Branch)
Miss Leen Kreidieh, LD, RD, BS in Nutrition & Dietetics (Zalka, Hamra Branch)
Miss Myrna El Helou, LD, MSC in Human Nutrition, Chief Clinical Officer (Achrafieh Branch)
Miss Ghina Ghssoub, LD, Line Dietitian (Zalka Branch)


The Equipment


InBody720. A recent development at Diet Delights has been the acquisition of an extremely accurate body composition analysis machine called the Inbody 720.With the development of the nutrition filed across the years; people have come to recognize that obesity causes a wide range of health problems. It is known that the most effective and scientific way to prevent obesity is to analyze body composition on regular basis. Thus, BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) has emerged. This device originated in hospital environments, but has been adapted to suit the fitness industry in the diagnosis of obesity and health care.

From the BIA technology came the more specified and more developed technology of the patented and FDA approved InBody 720 Biospace, which accurately assess the balance between intracellular water (ICW) and extracellular water (ECW).

The InBody analyzes body composition safely and rapidly by determining the electrical conductive properties of the biological tissues.

The client doesn’t feel a thing, and within one minute have a comprehensive read out of their own physiological make-up. The device is so accurate that can determine the weight of lean muscle tissue in each limb, water content, %body fat, mineral content, protein content, and visceral fat surrounding the internal organs. The data is supplied via a full color print out and our instructor is highly trained in how to explain the results. So far the InBody service has proved extremely popular with our members and exists as a true reflection of how Impulse Fitness has moved to the forefront of technological advances in this field. The InBody 720takes readings from the body using an 8 point tactile electrode method, measuring resistance in broadband and reactance in mean frequencies.

Our Restaurant


Who says that every time you eat out you have to choose between two unimaginative choices: a tasteless meal or a plate full of calories and fat? Diet Delights came up with an innovative concept in the world of dinning in Lebanon, combining a fun time eating out with healthy scrumptious food. Diet Delights is both a café and a restaurant, where you may choose to come with your friends and family, on a date, or drop by on your own in a cozy pleasant atmosphere. Our menu is exceptionally various. To make your choices easy, we have divided our menu into the following:

  • Breakfast and Appetizers
  • Salads
  • Burgers, Pizza and Grill
  • Sandwiches and plat du jour
  • Sweets and beverages

Next to each item on the menu you will find an accurate calories count to make your choices easier and, without a doubt, guilt-free.